Art Sketch Set


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  • ¬†Kosako Art Sketch Set
  • 67 pieces:
    • 12 color pens, 12 color pencils, 12 non-toxic crayons, 12 oil pastels, 12 powdery water colors
    • 1 white water color, 1 pencil, 1 watercolor painting brush, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 15cm ruler,1 palette

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With the Kosako Art Sketch set, you can explore various art styles, from detailed sketches to bold charcoal drawings. The inclusion of multiple pencil grades lets you experiment with shading and texture. It's a versatile toolkit that encourages creativity and helps you find your unique style. The Kosoka sketch set often comes in a compact, organized case, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. This portability is ideal for artists who like to draw outdoors, travel, or attend art classes. The case keeps everything neatly in place, so you won't lose any essential tools. If you're learning to sketch, this set offers a perfect starting point. With a wide range of tools, you can experiment with different techniques without needing to buy individual pieces separately. It's a convenient way to explore new skills and discover what you enjoy most about sketching.

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