Avon Mallard Duck

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The Avon Mallard Duck in Flight bottle features a stunning and detailed design of a mallard duck mid-flight. This makes it stand out from other generic bottles and adds a touch of elegance to any collection or display. Avon bottles are known for their collectability, and the Mallard Duck in Flight bottle is no exception. Owning this bottle will not only provide you with a decorative piece but also the opportunity to add a valuable collector's item to your collection. While primarily a fragrance bottle, the Mallard Duck in Flight bottle can also be used for a variety of other purposes. You can choose to fill it with your favorite perfume or cologne, decorative colored water, or turn it into a unique piece of art by adding small LED lights to create a beautiful ambiance. Whether displayed in your home or office, the Avon Mallard Duck in Flight bottle is sure to spark conversations and captivate the attention of visitors. It can serve as a fantastic icebreaker and allow you to share your passion for unique decor or collecting Avon bottles.

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