Avon President Bottles

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  • Set of 4: 1 George Washington, 2 Abraham Lincoln, 1 Theodore Roosevelt
  • Scents: Wild Country After Shave
  • Some contents remain
  • Stains

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Vintage items add charm and character to any space. Empty Avon President Bottles have timeless designs with intricate details, making them visually appealing for collectors or those interested in nostalgia. Their classic beauty will effortlessly elevate your decor.: Empty Avon President Bottles can be repurposed in various creative ways. You can transform them into stunning flower vases, unique candle holders, or even eye-catching centerpieces. Let your imagination run wild, and these bottles will serve as a beautiful canvas for your DIY projects.Collectible Avon items, especially those with significant historical value, tend to appreciate in worth over time. By investing in 4 empty Avon President Bottles now, you may not only enhance your living space but also potentially add value to your collection.

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