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  • Includes:
    • African Adventures
    • Trophy Bucks
    • Dangerous Hunts 2011
    • Big Game Hunter 2012
    • Big Game Hunter 2006

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These games provide an immersive and lifelike hunting experience, allowing you to indulge in the thrill of the chase from the comfort of your own home. The graphics, sound effects, and gameplay mechanics are meticulously designed to create a realistic atmosphere, making you feel like you are actually out in the wild. With Cabella African Adventures, you can explore the African wilderness and encounter exotic animals like elephants, lions, and rhinos. Trophy Bucks takes you to the vast North American forests to hunt magnificent deer. Dangerous Hunts 2011 offers more intense action by pitting you against fearsome predators like bears and lions. Lastly, Big Game Hunter 2012 and 2006 offer a wide range of global hunting locations, from the plains of Africa to the mountains of Alaska. Each game expands your hunting grounds and presents unique challenges.

Cabella African Adventures, Trophy Bucks, Dangerous Hunts 2011, Big Game Hunter 2012, and Big Game Hunter 2006 all have extensive content, ensuring countless hours of gameplay. There are various challenges, modes, and missions to complete, ensuring that you will never get bored.

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